L & M Industries Inc. Liquid Manure Handling

  • Fendt tractors for pumping, injecting, and tankering Noel Marcks
    George Lorenz

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  • L & M industries inc pump cart and manure pump design L & M Design Vortex Pump
    Very Sand Compatable
    No Plugging
    No Expensive Mechanical Seal
    Long Lasting
    Easily Repaired

L & M Industries Inc., Manure Pumping Equipment

  • 4 Nuhn Agitation Boat Crawlers
  • Our NEW adition is an agitation boat. The boat will take the place of 3 or 4 tractors and lagoon pumps for mixing the pit better in less time, saving fuel.

  • 6 Hoseline Crews
  • Each crew carries over one mile of hose, which we can power off to lay around buildings and difficult paths. We use a booster pump not only to increase gallons per minute but also to increase safety margin around critical areas like streams and houses. By placing a booster pump after a stream or house we can lower the pressure near the stream or house lowering the risk of a blowout.

  • 4 Houle Model 9500 Tankers
  • There are four Houle Model 9500 Tankers. We spray the manure and then follow behind with a Amazone/Catros disk and work in the manure. This leaves the field seedbed ready. Many customers have planted without any further field cultivation

  • Semi to Roadside Transfer
  • We use what we call the DreamMachine because the; frac tank, air compressor, high pressure pump, unload pump, and unload transfer is all contained in just one unit. This helps for less time involved to move from field to field. Instead of dumping into a dumpster we hydraulically couple to the semi giving us the ability to pull the load off the trailer instead of letting gravity do all the work resulting in a faster transfer time.

  • In Addition
  • There are 25 agitators, 5 props, 5 tractors to be rented for PTO power and extra hose and booster pumps for those 3 mile lays.