The DreamMachine


This is what we call the DreamMachine, a system for roadside transfer. We have a self-contained unit doing the job of 6 components in one. The unload pump, transfer method, frac tank, high pressure pump, air compressor and semi-truck for transportation. All mounted on a drop deck trailer for quick setup and transport.


Here we show a semi-truck parked on the correct side of the road unloading. Since we hook directly with hard hose to the unload pump once the pump is primed with gravity the load is actually unloaded with a suction. Thus, the unload time is greatly reduced.


We realize that when the frac-tank is full we are grossly overweight. The weight becomes a static load allowing us to use the structural support from the frac-tank itself to bear the load. The tank is 13 feet tall giving us legal height restrictions. The inside is coated with coal tar epoxy for many years of service.


We use a N14 Cummins Select Engine for high pressure pump engine. The ECM is reconfigured giving us 430 HP. The injector out in the field has remote control to bring engine to an idle. There is a float in the Frac-tank to bring engine to idle when tank becomes empty.


The telescoping mask remotely extends making a liquid tight seal. Then the 12 inch valve on the truck is open. When the 12 inch valve on the mask is opened a whisker switch is tripped throttling the unload motor. Should the frac-tank get full a float switch trips causing the unload motor to go back to an idle.


Upon emptying first the two 12 inch valves are closed. Then the 3 inch valve in the bottom is opened and a blast of compressed air cleans the cavity between the valves. This allows for a clean separation when mask retracts.